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Account Basics 1521142804

In this workshop we will focus on setting up your SeeClickFix account to maximize impact, responsiveness and efficiency. Part demonstration, part community discussion, Account Basics is an opportunity to learn from our team as well as our network of experienced partners.

Smart Cities Webinar: Seamless Integration for Quality Customer Service Recorded Webinar

The City of Gainesville, FL has been leveraging both their SeeClickFix and Cityworks platforms to crowdsource citizen data to combat severe storms.

Caroline Smith April 4, 2017
Best Practices for Every SeeClickFix Partner Recorded Webinar

We want your system to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As we’ve worked with partners across the country, we’ve come to recognize there are simple best practices that make a huge impact.

Caroline Smith March 28, 2017
Getting the Word Out - Marketing SeeClickFix in your Community Recorded Webinar

Your team has worked hard to configure and implement SeeClickFix, but now you need to get the word out to residents. What are best practices for marketing?

Caroline Smith February 25, 2017
Crowdsourcing Citizen Data to Enhance Response to Storms Recorded Webinar

According to NASA and scientists around the world, storms are increasing in number and severity. What can cities and citizens do to respond to these growing threats?

Caroline Smith January 23, 2017
How Colleges can Manage Services by Engaging their Students Recorded Webinar

Susquehanna University has been using SeeClickFix manage services efficiently and easily by engaging their students. After implementing SeeClickFix at the beginning of the school year, Susquehanna has already over 600 app downloads from students.

Caroline Smith October 19, 2016
One Year In: How SeeClickFix in Cambridge, MA has Evolved Based on Resident Use & Feedback Recorded Webinar

The City of Cambridge, MA has been using SeeClickFix for the past 9 months to empower citizens to report requests through mobile or web tools directly to City Hall. It has been a tremendous success.

Caroline Smith October 17, 2016
Using Civic Technology for Code Enforcement Recorded Webinar

Code Enforcement departments across the country have been using SeeClickFix to build more resilient neighborhoods for years. This webinar is a deep dive into on Code Enforcement department in New Haven.

Caroline Smith September 22, 2016
Building a Smart City with Citizen Services Recorded Webinar

The City of Winston-Salem, NC is leading the way in their state of North Carolina — continually improving their customer service and engaging their citizens. Any city in any state across America can learn from how this city is becoming a smart city with citizen services.

Caroline Smith September 19, 2016
Setting up a 311 Center Recorded Webinar

As Communications Director in the Mayor’s Office, Ron wanted a better way to serve residents and improve communication. With a limited budget, his solution was to set up a 311 Center run by volunteers with SeeClickFix as the platform connecting everything together.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
SeeClickFix Work Recorded Webinar

Learn about how SeeClickFix Work increases the efficiency of your organization’s request management, facilitates better communications both internally and externally, and establishes a more consistent, intuitive workflow providing improved analytics using new, simplified interfaces and interactions in the CRM.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Public Health Concerns Recorded Webinar

Bill Ward (Burlington, VT) and Robin Ladouceur (SeeClickFix) discuss how SeeClickFix is helping Burlington address its heroin crisis.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Pro-tips for Implementing SeeClickFix Recorded Webinar

Jean Miles (Sarasota County, FL) and Katie Timlin (SeeClickFix) reveal the best practices for implementing SeeClickFix into your city's workflow.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Internal Communication Recorded Webinar

Slate Ballard (SeeClickFix) explores how to best manage a city's and minicipality's internal communications with SeeClickFix.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Detroit Implementation and Internal Buy-in Recorded Webinar

Hear the successes and lessons learned from Improve Detroit, an ambitious 100 day plan focused on leveraging technology to connect the citizens of Detroit with their local government services, from its manager, Amy Sovereign.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Communication Strategies Recorded Webinar

Learn strategies to deal with getting SeeClickFix off the ground in your community or breathing new life into your existing user base. We’ll focus on leveraging neighborhood groups and community organizers, and many value lessons learned when the town of Macon consolidated with Bibb County.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Co-designing a City with its Citizens Recorded Webinar

Samamtha Wolfe (Gainesville, FL) asks how citizens can be a bigger part of an entire city's design process - what it provides, how it works, and how they can help.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
City and County Relationships Recorded Webinar

David Flintom (St. Petersburg, FL) and Dan Kilburn (SeeClickFix) look at how neighboring partners can report requests across their borders and boundaries.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Charles Dickens, America's Invisible Third Party, and the Tech we Need Recorded Webinar

Micah Sifry explores how citizens and cities can rethink how tech is used to improve both public services and their democracy as a whole.

Caroline Smith September 16, 2016
SeeClickFix User Summit 2016
Building an Efficient Public Works Department Recorded Webinar

How Dunwoody, GA is reducing calls while engaging more citizens, and improving its services more them in return.

Caroline Smith September 2, 2016
How can Local Governments Drastically Improve Customer Service Recorded Webinar

Fayetteville, NC, after partnering with SeeClickFix, has transformed the way they engage, work with, and help citizens each day.

Caroline Smith August 30, 2016
How Authorities & Cities can Work Together to Improve Services Recorded Webinar

The Atlantic County Water Authority has been using SeeClickFix to revolutionize the way cities and the county deliver quality services to citizens.

Caroline Smith August 30, 2016
Implementing SeeClickFix is Easier than you Think Recorded Webinar

Implementing new tech for citizens can be tough, but SeeClickFix takes several steps to make it easier for everyone.

Caroline Smith July 13, 2016
How Carbondale DPW is Doing More with Less Recorded Webinar

Join Sean Henry, Public Works Director for Carbondale, IL, for a look into how Carbondale Public Works is doing more with less.

Caroline Smith June 20, 2016
SeeClickFix in Ten Minutes: Field Example Recorded Webinar

Take a short walkthrough of the SeeClickFix CRM from citizen submission to resolution in the field.

Caroline Smith June 17, 2016
SeeClickFix Updates: Mobile CRM, @mentions, and Internal Personnel Recorded Webinar

Several important updates in how SeeClickFix connects citizens and cities, and how it's improving even more.

Caroline Smith June 16, 2016
How 311 can Transform a City: A Look into Houston Recorded Webinar

Frank Carmody, Deputy Director of Operations at Houston, TX gives a inside look into how Houston transformed their city with 311.

Caroline Smith May 25, 2016
Prepping for Snow with SeeClickFix Recorded Webinar

This is the perfect time for local governments to begin planning for the winter snow. SeeClickFix is being used in 300 cities and counties across the country to address the region’s unique challenges — especially snow-related requests.

Caroline Smith March 30, 2016
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

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